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Quality Processes

The solution: demineralization technology  PAD®

Precise processing to optimize osteoinductive potential.

PAD®: What is it?

It is a technology patented by LifeNet Health that handles the demineralization process accurately to achieve the level of ideal residual calcium needed to achieve optimum osteoinductive potential.

PAD®: How does it work?
The strict control of the residual calcium is achieved through the improvement in the form of application of the demineralizing acid to the bone.

  • In a series of steps controlled by a computer, the container containing the bone is rapidly filled (by pulses) with the acid, then drained and neutralized with a regulator.
PAD®: What are the benefits for my patients, my institution and me?

LifeNet Health’s PAD demineralization technology is designed to optimize the inductive potential of allograft bioimplants – a win-win benefit.

PAD®: Why is this better?
The patented PAD technology guarantees a product of predictable quality that favors osteoinductive potential.

PAD®: What do the statistics say?

A product may be designated as demineralized if the residual calcium level is <8%

It shows that limited calcium brings the highest osteoinductive potential in a product.

PAD technology focuses consistently on a range of residual calcium.


  • Bioimplants of processed allografts have higher osteoinductive potential.
  • Ensures consistency in donor-to-donor processing.
  • It is widely used as part of processing for key platforms in LifeNet Health demineralized allograft bioimplants.
  • Reduces the likelihood of contamination in processing.
    Controls residual calcium.


Bone formation and remodeling is a continuous physiological process involving a structural matrix, specific biological stimulants and stem cells. Physiologically the new bone is induced to the formation by osteoblasts, cells that demineralize or eliminate the minerals that form the bone matrix.




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