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Preservon is a method of preservation at room temperature that saves valuable surgical time and allows to keep the bone fully hydrated, thus preserving biomechanical resistance.

Allograft bioimplants processed by Preservon technology retain the same functional performance of the bioimplant tissue processed by conventional methods.

Also, Preservon-treated allograft bioimplants doesn’t need to be rehydrated or thawed prior to implantation.

Unlike common frozen allograft bioimplant products that require special storage and transport Preservon allows storage at room temperature.

Preservon reduces protracted rehydration time relative to lyophilized tissue since the bioimplants provided are completely hydrated.

When using Preservon there is no need to lyophilize, which may be associated with a reduced allograft bioimplant integrity, in addition, compared to bioimplants processed through conventional methods, Preservon maintains its biochemical properties.

Preservon maintains an integral force equal to that of the processed bone through conventional methods, then the allograft bioimplant is immersed in the Preservon solution.

The glycerin molecules in the Preservon solution are designed to replace the free water content of the surface of the bone matrix while the collagen fibers retain water molecules, then the solution is removed from the chamber. The allogeneic allograft bioimplant is then cetrifuged in order to remove excess glycerin … The allogeneic allograft bioimplant is now ready to be packaged and stored at room temperature for subsequent implantation.

Preservon, the future of allogeneic allograft bioimplant preservation.

The same performance and safety as frozen or lyophilized allograft bioimplants

  • Biomechanical force. Same biomechanics as frozen bioimplants.
  • Preserved Security. Safe, non-toxic, biocompatible.
  • Continuous Performance. Maintains osteoconductive properties.


Lifenet Health is proud to introduce Preservon, a patented glycerin preservation solution that has significant advantages over professional bioimplant preservation methods.




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