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Research and development

Research Division

The Research Division is the driving force behind bioimplants future…

Embracing the company’s vision to “Healing the Human Body”… bioimplants is on the forefront of becoming a respectable world-class biotechnology research and product development company.   Through our patented core 3DBioMatrix technology our Research Division’s objective is to develop new implant solutions that will impact the chronic wounds, orthopedics, dental, cardiovascular and general surgery market space globally.

bioimplants research orientation combines the ambition to develop innovative new products with the ultimate goal to introduce next generation therapies into the market.

Our 3DBioMatrix is a 100% “bioplant based technology” that will focus on guided tissue regeneration (GTR) applications.  Our target market for this product will be chronic wounds and bursts as well as some cell based research applications. (Product under development and not cleared for sale).

Our 3DBioMatrix 4mm x 56mm x 70mm

Our 3DBioMatrix 4mm x 56mm x 70mm

Our 3DBioMatrix: Model showing how the technology is to be implanted

Our 3DBioStrips combines our 3DBioMatrix technology with Beta Tricalcium Phosphate (bTCP) and would be used in bone healing indications such as fractures, bone defects, dental etc.. (product under development and not cleared for sale)

Our 3DBioMatrix 4mm x 56mm x 70mm

Our 3D BioStrip 3mm x 8mm x 15mm Sheet and a competitor (collagen and beta-)

For more information on our research and technology as well as other products in development please contact mike@bioimplants.mx
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