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Allowash XG

It is a patented cleaning and sterilization process that removes more than 99% of the medullary and blood elements of the internal bone matrix. It maintains sterile graft bioimplants without compromising the biomechanical or biochemical properties necessary for their intended applications.

LifeNet Health

Our mission to save lives, recover health and provide hope drives all the decisions we make as an organization. An organ that we can recover and give to a patient can literally save his life. The bioimplants for allografts we produce can restore the health of a patient.


Bone formation and remodeling is a continuous physiological process involving a structural matrix, specific biological stimulants and stem cells. Physiologically the new bone is induced to the formation thanks to osteoblasts, cells that demineralize or eliminate the minerals that form the bone matrix.


Lifenet Health is proud to introduce Preservon, a patented glycerin preservation solution that has significant advantages over professional bioimplant preservation methods.


MATRACELL® is the patented technology that allows the Decellularized Dermis to be Biocompatible.



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