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1.- What is an allograft?

An allograft is tissue that is transplanted between donors of the same species, our products are grafts from human donors who altruistically decided to donate their body to help more people.

2.- How safe are allografts?

Studies show that Allografts have the same probability of rejection (3%) as autografts.

In addition, our products are backed by great quality control and procedures that ensure their performance and safety, unique in the market. These procedures ensure that before processing the donor, an exhaustive social and clinical investigation is carried out, to avoid diseases, viruses and / or bacteria end up in the final graft.

If something is found in any of these tests that compromises the safety of the tissue, it is discarded as a final product. Only 2% of all donated tissue becomes final product for transplantation.

3.- Why are allografts used?

The use of an allograft makes the time in the operating room faster, there is no need to remove   autograft from other areas of the patients body and makes their recovery period faster.

Allografts are used to avoid the technique known as autograft harvesting, where parts of the patient’s body are taken to repair the damaged areas, this generates more time in the operating room, make a second incision and remove that tissue from the same patient.

4.- In which procedure can allografts be used?

Allografts are used in a variety of procedures: Transplants of major organs: heart, lung, kidneys, liver, etc. Replacement or repair of meniscus, tendons and ligaments, bone, heart valves, knee, ankle, shoulder repair and skin regeneration.

5.- What types of allografts do we distribute?

Our product portfolio has allografts such as bone chip, bone matrix (putty) and tendons, for sports medicine, orthopedics and spine applications and bone voids filing applications.

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